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Whats this plant?


By Rninnim

United Kingdom Gb

I have had this growing for a couple of years, now some flowers have appeared as it has grown, dont know if it should do this or if it has mixed with something else? Does anyone know what its called and will it flower?




Its Euphorbia characias wulfenii. The lime flower heads are bracts with tiny flowers in the centre. I think its a lovely stuctural plant. When the bracts begin to go over, cut the stem out as far down as you can. The small shoots at the bottom will carry next years flowers. Be very careful not to get the milky white sap on your skin or in your eyes as it is an irritant especially in sun

5 Apr, 2009


Thankyou Mageth, thats very helpfull, i have been wondering for ages what this was and its the first time its flowered. I hope to keep it looking so lovely now. Thanks again. Richard.

5 Apr, 2009


Just to agree with Mageth about the sap. Someone told me about using a blunt pair of cutters which caused the stem to get sqeezed so when they finally cut through the sap squirted straight into her eye.

The sap can cause temporary blindness if enough gets in the eye though I've only ever met one person who had this happen.

5 Apr, 2009

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