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somethings scratching in my beds ?(flowerbeds that is)
uprooting bulbs,and nibblingg the tops of the bulbs, this is happeningg over night. we have urban foxes,badgers and squirrelss in the area,we have a pond, and feed the birds regular. Is it mice,or even worse rats.????????



Anyone or more of the first three. Rats are less likely to dig for food.

8 Jan, 2012


Squirrels have a strong fancy for tulips. If it is only the tips being bitten out then squirrels may well be your main culprit. Badgers and foxes digging up bulbs may well entice mice to nibble those they do not eat themselves! Can only suggest netting the ground after planting or dusting the bulbs with anti-rodent powder before planting, or dousing with strong garlic, citronella or pepper.

8 Jan, 2012


Have a look at my blog Its Happened Again - quite a discussion on this topic there.

8 Jan, 2012

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