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How do you replant an orchid? How do you switch to a different pot without it dying?



Hi Saidajian. Whatever species or hybrid of orchid it is, move it whilst it is not flowering, the best time is just after the flowers have died off. Whilst you are doing this, examine the roots and trim off any diseased looking ones. I use sterilised nail clippers for this. If it has been in the same potting medium for a while then shake off and dispose of the existing compost and try to pot on into a similar mix. If you don't know what it is in then just use your favourite mix. I use a mix of equal orchid bark, sphagnum moss and coir but that is just my choice. I replace the coir with inert packing foam chips if it is not expected to re-pot for years because coir can go mouldy quickly. After re-potting then keep it in slightly more subdued light than usual for a couple of weeks and spray with a clean rain water or distilled water mist regularly with no fertiliser for a while.

Can't think of anything else but if you have further questions then come back to us.

8 Jan, 2012


If you go to the bottom of this page,choose O then orchids you,ll find lots of questins, blogs and answers --I,ve found it very useful.

8 Jan, 2012


Welcome to GoY Saidajian Our member Meanie has a very good blog on the subject I think. Here it is.

8 Jan, 2012


Why are you re-potting/changing the pot?

9 Jan, 2012

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