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clay soil, salt, drought/flood resistant plants

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We have a house and garden in Chiclana, Costa de la Luz in south west Spain and in summer the plants need to be able to resist salty water via our sprinkler system. The soil is very clay and in winter often floods!! can you suggest any plants that might grow in these conditions.



I would have thought direct watering with salty water would be death to most plants. Do your neighbours use it too? If they do you could have a look at what they are growing

4 Apr, 2009


Hi Sue - welcome to GOY. I have to go along with Mageth on this; I could think of some plants which would be OK with some salt spray as long as they had fresh water available ('sand dune' plants) but direct watering with brine seems a bit horrid!
If you can find out what other people are growing, perhaps you could write a GOY blog so we can all learn a bit more.
Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

4 Apr, 2009


Sea Holly, Statice. Tree Lupins. Try growing them on raised beds. Mageth has the best idea, check the Neighbours.

4 Apr, 2009

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