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Problem with dry sraw like grass

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New house 5 years ago, and never really had a full green lawn, the majority of the grass areas is very dry and straw like and very patchy. I use autumn and spring feeds but not results.

Do you have any suggestions

Many thanks



Your lawn has consolidated, you need to spike roll with hollow tines. Scarify, top dress with fine soil and re-seed in bald areas.

3 Apr, 2009


You said your house was new 5 years ago. Was the yard landscaped for you? We moved into our new house 2 years ago and the soil we had was terrible. We have a smallish front yard and since our side yard was ruined when the pool was put in, we added topsoil and resodded the front yard. Our yard has been green and beautiful ever since. I think its the soil only because you have been feeding your yard faithfully with no luck. Usually that greens it right up. You could see if a local nursery could analyze a soil sample. Good luck.

3 Apr, 2009


Yes, sounds dead - I like Dr b's advice. Use a rake to scrape off (scarify) the dead stuff and loosen the ground underneath and resow. Did the previous owner (or yourself) have lots of kids running about and dogs? Kids and dogs are really good at killing lawns!

3 Apr, 2009

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