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By Kev1957

notts, United Kingdom Gb

anybody no a really good cat deterrant, ive got 3 coming on my garden and really messing it up. I dont want to harm them just after a way of keeping them off



not much help but i have 5 pooping in my garden. I use an old spud gun that makes more noise than anything else. and the local rspca bod said as long it was at the fence it was ok.

2 Apr, 2009


Sadly, it's probably the loose soil that's encouraging them, I hate to say. Makes it easy for them to dig their "holes!"

I know someone used to lay rose bush twigs around the blank areas of soil. Supposedly the thorn's deter the cats from scratching around.

The only other thing to do is make a loud noise when they come into the garden. They especially hate hissing noises. (sensitive ears I think it's to do with, it's also their way of swearing at others they feel threatened by.)

2 Apr, 2009


My cat wouldn't go anywhere where 6x fertiliser had been used.

2 Apr, 2009


Coleus canina is supposed to deter them, also moth balls.

2 Apr, 2009


I would suggest taking a look at all the other posts on this subject (below). This one pops up every now and then. I use a hose on jet to fire at them when I am outside. Leave old holly cuttings or thorny foliage on the turf round your plants. So many ideas and opinions...................none of them much use I'm afraid, cats will do what they do no matter what!

2 Apr, 2009


Cayenne pepper sprinkled on the soil surface is supposed to work but I've never tried it.

3 Apr, 2009


Hi, i had that problem and a friend advised me to get an old coffee jar and put holes in the lid, fill with JEYES FLUID and bury it with the lid just exposed in the problem area, the smell masks the scent they leave behind, which invariably brings them back, you`ll find after a week or 2 they move on
. Hope this helps


3 Apr, 2009

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