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With minimal fuss and cost how do I tell what soil type I have?

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I am starting from scratch with m,y gardens, there is no landscaping, fences or anything a complete blank canvas - under the terrible grass is a lot of back fill so it is not good quality soil and will need improving, I live in East Brighton.



Hi Missclueless. welcome to GOY. Living in Brighton you must be on chalky soil. That means avoiding Acers Azales Rhododendrons and several other acid loving plants and shrubs, unless you grow them in containers. Your best bet is to look at what is growing in neighbouring gardens. You are near the sea so that makes it possible to grow some of the less hardy plants and shrubs, but also limits your choice to those that hate salt in the air. I am sure other members will be more helpful.

29 Mar, 2009


take a hand full and squeeze it if it falls apart its sandy if it forms a ball like plasticine its clay if its neither its ok. very rough and ready but a reasonable guide. as to acid/alkaline poaannua seems to know your area.

29 Mar, 2009

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