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I am thinking of getting a heated propagator to use it in my greenhouse. Have you any advice on this please?



I will be one of the best gadgets that you will ever buy. Don't get one that's too small as you will need plenty of room in the spring and best if you get one with a variable temperature control. Take's the uncertainty out of seed and cutting propagation.

21 Nov, 2011


I am thinking about this one...It is a very good price.

Ebay item no 370553088837

High Top Thermostatic Electric Heated Seed Propagator

21 Nov, 2011


I've had one for years, it has1/2 and 1/4 pans -- probably adds up to 2 fullsize seed trays, I grow my own toms and peppers, and anything else I have room for!, one thing when using it just think where you are going to put them when they need to leave the propagator, ( this was a problem especially for cucumber seedlings) I only have a cold GH so late frosts can cause a problem, starting them mid to late march works for where I live

21 Nov, 2011


I have one without a temp control and would highly recommend you buy one with one!

24 Nov, 2011


Thanks everyone. A heated propagator with thermostat is going to be my Christmas present to myself this year.

24 Nov, 2011

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