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Brown leaves on Mini Braeburn Apple tree


By Polyann

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Braeburn Apple tree planted last October looked really healthy, in the past month the leaves have started going brown would appreciate a few tips as to what may be wrong and how to help it recover



Hi Polyann, I also have a similar problem with my pear. The tree started budding really early and then we had that really cold spell, and some of the leaves started to turn brown and crispy. I am hoping they were just burned by the icy winds, as it is now putting on green leaves again. Not sure if this is of any use to you at all.....

26 Mar, 2009


It may be as Debbie says, cold weather. But what have you fed your apple tree with?, has it dried out?. A boost would be to give it a liquid feed of Tomarite and about an ounce of Sulphate of potash.

26 Mar, 2009

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