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Help, l dug up a brick ditch

Victoria, Australia Au

It is running from my side door to a stone wall, but the ditch is scooped so it will probably fill with water when it rains. Would love ideas od what to do, l was hoping it was an old path but it seems its an old water runoff.




Find out if the scooped brick work has a flow in it, test this by pouring a bucket of water one end, leave it alone. You will need to purchase a number of paving slabs to put over the top, leaving a gap underneath for the water to flow away.
Hope this will help.

25 Mar, 2009


Alternatively, think of the fun you could have planting a bog garden?

25 Mar, 2009


Do you know what i'd clean it up abit and put some nice worn pots on it here and there make it a feature.

If your worried about the water run off you could always put some gravel under the pots to lift them slightly and the water will still be able to run freely.

It might be wise that i let you know that i am also fairly new to gardening and most of what i end up doing is soley based on trial and error but its the best way to learn.

Good luck

25 Mar, 2009


Thankyou l have had some lovely ideas, what a great Gardening group, l have been made to feel so welcome

25 Mar, 2009


If I was you, I'd definitely check what's the other side of that grey wall, in case the water does collect at that end of the miniwaterway.
Is it yours or a neighbour's?
You can certainly plant something that enjoys damp wherever the water does collect.

25 Mar, 2009


My husband has just pointed out that this looks like the slurry run-off that was at the back of the pig shed on his grandfather's farm. That wall looks to be fairly new so are you on ex-farmland?

28 Mar, 2009


If you've got the slurry pit then you'd grow good rhubarb on it!

28 Mar, 2009

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