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When is the best time to take cuttings from a Rose Bush and also Conifers. Also when is the best time to move Red Hot Pokers.



I have not had any luck in taking cuttings from conifers. Now is a good time, take this years growth (normally a lighter colour), remove some of the lower pines and put into damp sandy soil. They always seem to rot for me - I think using a cold frame or frost free place would be better, as mine froze solid in last years winter, so did not survive.

I would move Red Hot Poker now or within the next few weeks.

Rose Bush, something I have not taken a cutting from, but the time to do it is late Sept-Oct. As the weather is still mild I suggest they would still take. You cut a line in the soil with a spade of a north facing or sheltered spot, add some sand then put in the cuttings (about 6-10 inches of this years growth, remove all the leaves). I would take a few as the failure rate can be high.

16 Nov, 2011


With the conifers you could try aeriel layering, where you make a small split in the bark, wedge it open a little way and put it in a bag of compost without removing it from the tree. Google for more details on the method.

17 Nov, 2011


I'm a nurseryman and used to grow thousands of conifers.

It depends on variety but they'll take at most times of the year but I usually found May to september best.

Put them in 3 parts potting compust and 1 part sharp sand. Water them in well and preferably place them in a cold frame with a translucent white top. (White polythene works well or paint the inside of clear glass/polycarbonate/ clear polythene with white emulsion (you can also get proper stuff which will wash off)

If you haven't got a cold frame a wooden box with a polythene top will do.

The knack is not to let them dry out but not to over water them. Many conifers will root in 4-6 weeks. Others can take much longer

Here's a photo of one of my large DIY coldframes

You could knock together something much smaller in an hour or so or buy one ready made... but those are not cheap!.

17 Nov, 2011


That's very interesting Anchorman.

21 Nov, 2011


Thanks all for your advice and assistance


31 Jan, 2012

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