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I have a Pandorea jasminoides (variegated), I live in a zone where it will be too cold for it to survive outdoors, I was told I could bring it in for the winter since it is still in the pot, how do I care for it indoors (let it go dormant?) Thanks



Assuming you live in the UK, these are really much better as conservatory plants, where they will flower more prolifically and for longer. They can be placed outside during the warmer summer months, preferably against a warm wall or similar, but must be moved inside for winter, or any temperature below -2deg C as a minimum. Best kept as a houseplant over winter, watering as normal, rather than letting it go dormant.

9 Nov, 2011


As a subtropical evergreen, they don't survive "dormancy" very well, but they do make good temporary houseplants, as long as they get plenty of light, and regular feeding.

14 Nov, 2011

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