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Suitable fungicide for asters?

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Hello there, This year I am wanting to grow some dwarf hardy asters. I planted them into suitable pots and compost last autumn, so that they'd get off to a good start this spring. They came from a garden centre and hopefully are good disease resistant varieties. But being asters, I have a feeling these might develop some degree of mildewy type of fungus throughout the season. I know it is probably best to water them from the base to keep water off the foliage, so as to help to prevent build-up of fungus. And I know I also need to avoid letting them get stressed by dehydration in periods of hot weather. But I would still like to take the extra precaution of using a fungicide on them also, and in the preventative sense more than in the curative sense. I have some systemic fungicide called 'Myclobutanil'/'Systhane'. But it says on the packet that it should not be used with asters. I am wondering if anyone can advise me of what would be a suitable fungicide to use? The pastel colous of the flowers of these plants when young last autumn was truly delightful. They're lovely. Featured here in the bottom part of this photo ...
Can anyone help?
Thanks and best wishes, JONATHAN H.




I personally wouldnt use fungicide until I had to as many new cultivars are resistant. This may cause resistance to fungicide by other fungi present and therefore problems in the future. see what others suggest.

23 Mar, 2009


Ensure your plants are not standing in the 'stagnant air' of a too-crowded arrangement - they love to breathe - and fungi don't.

24 Mar, 2009


OK, here's ther answer to your question!

Use any fungicide with the following chemical ingredients, they are all effective on Powdery mildew on Asters


So your Systhane product will be fine.

regards Raymondo

19 Sep, 2013

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