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There is a fox that keeps digging holes in my lawn. Can anybody give me any tips to stop it doing it. Cheers Paul



Last month there was a very long and spirited dialogue on exactly this topic. It seems watering your lawn with dilute male urine might do the trick! Sorry!

7 Nov, 2011


That make sense and should put them off, I'll try it on the infected patch, they seem to keep digging the hole in the same spot.

I just wish I could keep them out of the garden altogether! They're such a nuisance.



7 Nov, 2011


We never seem to have had problems in the past with foxes damaging the garden, and there has been no evidence of them on the property, but to my astonishment the other evening, as I was on the telephone in the hall, a huge dog fox wandered into our porch and stood watching me through the glass door. We have dozens of semi-feral cats and kittens that live here, so we were, as you may imagine, more than a little concerned. We have a big chicken shed next door, so maybe he was on the hunt. Frankly, and controversially, no doubt, I would be happier taking a gun to them! Foxes, that is. (I'm a rotten shot though, so goodness knows what else I might accidentally take out!)

7 Nov, 2011


It was me that suggested the male urine, because we have terrible trouble with foxes this year and this method has worked 100%. ps. there is no need to dilute it either. Lol.

7 Nov, 2011


I listened to BBC Radio Kent Gardening yesterday and the presenters suggested that 'Scoot' and 'Get Off My Garden' had been recommended by a fox society as two of the most sucessfull products that had been tried, perhaps you could give them a go? I have also heard that 'Obas Oil' dripped on old dry teabags and placed about the garden have also been used.

7 Nov, 2011


I was only thinking of the damage the neat product might do to your grass, Grandmage!

7 Nov, 2011


I know Gatti, but actually it hasnt, must be the dew on the grass has diluted it anyway. Lol. Jimmy we tried 'scoot' and 'g.o.m.g.' and the animals rolled in it!!!!!

7 Nov, 2011


have you tried the dried chilli flakes-- not easy if you don't know exactly where the'll go next!

7 Nov, 2011


I've sprinkled Cayenne Chilli Powder on the filled in hole, so I'll let you know how I get on before I pee on it, lol. I need "Elmer Fudd", lol.

Thanks again everybody.

7 Nov, 2011


if it works temporarily Paul try the flakes ( ethnic aisle in supermarket cheapest) as they last longer in the wet.
a few years ago when I'd got my dogs the setter was pawing the ground in the shrubbery and 'looking 'at me as dogs do so I went to see, then got a trowel and uncovered a rabbits upper 1/2----UGH!

8 Nov, 2011

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