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I used to have a 'Patty's Plum' poppy in my garden, but it only lasted a couple of seasons, and even then, was a bit measly on the flowering front. I'd really expected it to be much more hardy. [ I've just seen a picture of a huge clump, which is the exact opposite of what I had].

Is this to be expected from this strain of the poppy family.....or was my soil too rich for it? What am I doing wrong?
I'd love to grow it again but not if it'll give me such little return!!

On plant Papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum'



That's not like our Patty at all, Miriam. I have her too, and she does well here. I'd try again. Maybe the plant wasn't a very good one to start with.

24 Oct, 2011


Oriental poppies die down after flowering and are usually gone by the middle of summer, so maybe it really is still there?

24 Oct, 2011


I always cut mine right back after they flower - then they send up new leaves. One of my white ones even produced another flower this year! :-))

24 Oct, 2011


Thank you , both.
It's definitely not there!- I've just completely dug up the garden as I've re-shaped the borders.
Bit strange really- it really wasn't very happy and only ever has one flower.
All the best
Miriam x

24 Oct, 2011


What a shame - how about trying one of the new ones that flower more than once - the 'Super Poppies'?

25 Oct, 2011

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