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I have purchased 3 x Himalayan birch trees, I wish to plant them as a screen (i am told they are a small tree), however, am I able to plant in their existing tubs or will it harm the tree? My present garden is very small but I wish to screen off nasty neighbours without taking too much light away from the small plot I have.



Can I ask which variety of Betula they are? Because unless its a new variety I haven't heard of, all get at least 33 feet high with a spread of 15-30 feet depending on variety, none of which will grow in a pot for longer than a year or two, except for 'Frost's Dwarf' which, at 6 feet high and wide, is a shrub.

23 Oct, 2011


Are you asking if you can plant the trees in the ground still in their tubs? If so the answer is no. And if what you have bought is Betula utilis jacquemontii it grows to 20 metres and is not for a small garden. This, by the way, is small for a Betula!

23 Oct, 2011


You hit the F instead of the T Bamboo..." Trost's Dwarf"

23 Oct, 2011


Er, no I didn't, Pimpernel, I typed it correctly - I just looked at the name in my book with the wrong glasses on and thought it was an F, lol! My computer glasses aren't strong enough to read text in print clearly with, and I don't need to look at the keys to type....

23 Oct, 2011



24 Oct, 2011

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