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I have recently purchased 3 x Himalayan birch trees; I was told these are small growing trees. Is this correct? I wanted them for a screen as such.

Am I able to plant them and leave them in the pots in which they stand at present (as think I may change my mind)?



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23 Oct, 2011


thank you ;)

23 Oct, 2011


You definitely can not leave them in their pots... We've now had three questions from you on the same topic and ae not getting the answer we need to help you.

23 Oct, 2011


B.bunny who told you that they are 'small' trees? They have given you the wrong info. and if your garden is that 'small' then these huge trees are not right for your garden, you have been mis-informed. However if you are going to go ahead and plant, then keep the trees well watered in their pots until you do. You will need to remove the pots before planting. Warning these trees get mighty big.

23 Oct, 2011


Gosh, thanks for your replies - which have been helpful! I spent far too much money on these (on impulse). I may have to go back to the nurseries and ask an exchange but now they look sad with no foliage!!

Once again, unanimous opinions - very grateful.

23 Oct, 2011

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