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I have parsley in my garden in northern scotland that has gone to seed, with large stalks with seed heads. I have read that.... as parsley is biennial, once seeds are produced, this will render the herb to a plant...does this mean that I will have parsley all year round now? do I need to take seed heads off? should I try and collect them and if so how? Many thanks. Karen



Yes, Karen, take off the thick stems with the seed heads. It will help plant to put onore leaf, although it's late in the year for much growth now. It may not survive winter, but some do. I've never collected seed from parsley, because I usually nip flower heads off before they make seed.
Someone else will be able to help I'm sure.

22 Oct, 2011


I find it grows usually as a biennial and dies off after flowering. I must be doing something wrong.

23 Oct, 2011


Many thanks indeed both. Fingers crossed it survives the winter! Karen

14 Nov, 2011

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