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By She

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I am about to lift my begonias. Some say I should cut off the foliage and dry them out in newspaper before storage while others say allow the foliage to dry down first.
Any suggestions please as I would love to hear from someone who has successfully stored theirs over the Winter



When I used to grow tuberous begonias, I'd dig them up, look them over for pests (particularly vine weevil grubs) & lay them in an empty seed tray for the last bit soil to dry off (easier to clean off) and for the leaves and stems to drop off naturally. A few weeks later, I'd tidy up the dead stems and leaves & check the tubers again for vine weevils. (& check every few weeks during storage)

Keep them cool but frost free & away from mice and you can start them into growth again in early March.

I didn't bother with wrapping them in newspaper, or storing in sand or dry compost. Plonking them in an empty seedtray on a shelf worked OK.

20 Oct, 2011


Thanks a lot Beattie. I will copy your method. I have been spraying them for the vine weevil but as you suggested I will check them now and during storage. Thanks again for your prompt reply

21 Oct, 2011


No problem, you're very welcome She.

21 Oct, 2011

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