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name plants that creep



The Question Was" Name Plants That Creep"...OK, here goes:
Wisteria, and a few others like; abutilon megapotamicum,
Actinide chinensis,akebia quinata,aristolochiamacrophylla,
Celastus scandens,eccremocarpus scaber,humulus lupulas,
Polygonum,solanum crispum,abolachinensis,
Chimonanthus and a few more......I don't know what game show this is.....Do I get a Prize???

20 Oct, 2011


Probably not, Eclectic. More likely Pritika will get the exam question right!

20 Oct, 2011


I think so too!

20 Oct, 2011


Probably not an exam question, as most exams don't allow access to the internet, or enough time for an answer to come from a site like this. Homework, I thought.

20 Oct, 2011


The biggest creep in my garden is the creeping buttercup!

20 Oct, 2011


Well how do you like that! I got suckered into making up a cheat sheet for pritika. No charge this time pritika! But I'll have you know that is how I paid my way through the university.

20 Oct, 2011


You get to spot the homework questions after a bit Eclectic. Once you know that some people try to get us to do the work for them. I thought of a couple more - but I'm not going to write them down here....

Re-reading your list, I think you've listed climbers, rather than plants that creep - which I'd call ground-hugging stem-rooting plants. A touch of transatlantic semantic crosspurposes, I think. :-) Virginia creeper is a climber, after all!

20 Oct, 2011


Well, looks like pritikin is going down the road to perdition
with that cheat sheet in hand.

20 Oct, 2011


LOL! We get what we deserve, but not always so quickly :-)

20 Oct, 2011


lol used to get a lot of "homework" questions not very well disguised in Yahoo Answers. Got to the point where I asked if I'd get the points for doing their work for them.

Some were pathetically obvious - "name x xx xxx and xxxx in Moby Dick or To Kill A Mockingbird" - i'd usually answer, "read the book yourself!"

11 Feb, 2012

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