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By Kershaw

Can you give more detail about Madeira Geranium. ie 1. Does it spread and how quickly.
2.Can it be in semi-shade or must it have full sun.
3. How much water can it take.



Well drained soil, full sun, height and spread about 2-3 feet. Not fully hardy, may die overwinter unless in a mild part of the country in a sheltered spot. This assumes you mean Geranium maderense.

18 Oct, 2011


I've been given this plant twice and lost it both times over winter - I find it's not at all hardy.

18 Oct, 2011


It does self seed a bit though, so even if you lose it look out for seedlings next year.

18 Oct, 2011


Mine is in semi-shade and gets to 5 feet tall. It takes 3 years to flower, and right now there are hundreds of new plants. I only water when the leaves look a little droopy, which isn't very often. It dies after setting all those seeds. Since it rarely gets below 10*C, and my weather is very close to Madeira, it is an easy care plant for me.

18 Oct, 2011

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