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Spring holes in grass.


By Ksmith

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We have sodded grass. This spring we have lots of smalls dips where there is no grass and filled with leaves. It also seems really thick. Do I need to rake it, re-seed or just let it go? We already had our lawn treated for the first of our four treatments. If anyone knows what to do I would love some suggestions.



I don't know what grass species you have, but it sounds it obviously is not the spreading running grass we have. Meaning: it makes runners to spread. Why are those dips filled with leaves? Blown into the dips from the trees last autumn? How large are the dips. What seems thick Ksmith? If there is no grass in the dips, how can it be thick?
You didn't mention what you have treated your grass for. And you have to do 3 repeats of it I understand? The only problem I ever had with lawn was the lawn beetle. To find those do the following: remove a bit of the lawn and scratch the sand or soil underneath. If you find black beetles or beetle larvae or flat black eggs, you have lawn beetle, which do eat the roots of the grass when it dies. They go patchy, not systematically in a line or so. If this is the case of your bumpy and patchy lawn covering, then the treatment is easy. Buy some stuff at the nursery and spread it out diluted with a watering can. Make sure you do the job right and don't leave undrenched bits of lawn. The next few days you should see all those beetles ly dead on the surface of our lawn. You have to repeat it because it doesn't affect the eggs, so when they've hatched spray again. You can read about it on the can, the incubation period etc. Good luck. I would not reseed/replant if you don't know first what caused the problem.

16 Mar, 2009


Do I have it correct that you are in the US? And you are paying for a professional lawn service? If this is the case call them, tell them your problem, you are paying them to maintain the lawn and they should help you with problems.

16 Mar, 2009

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