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Hello all

I planted 2 nasturtium plants (I think they were Tom Thumb) this year and they took over my small garden competely! I have pulled them all up during a big tidy up this morning but they have shed hundreds of seed pods everywhere. I don't want nasturtiums next year! Any advice for getting rid of them please? Should I just attempt to pick all the pods up by hand and hope I don't miss any? Thanks!



They are easy to pull out when they come up next year. Any way, what's wrong with nasturtians!

16 Oct, 2011


Yes! Or wait for the seedlings to appear next year and heave them out whenever you do see them...

16 Oct, 2011


Thank you! There's nothing wrong with them but they grow all over everything else and starve the other plants of light! I've only got a small space so I need to keep things a bit contained. Thanks for advice!

16 Oct, 2011


Next time, choose Nasturtium Alaska Mixed or Empress of India - much smaller, not climbers.

16 Oct, 2011


Or do as I do and grow them in a hanging basket.

16 Oct, 2011


Brilliant - thanks for the tips!

16 Oct, 2011


I think you'd find that nasturtiums in a hanging basket will still shed seed everywhere - from on high!

16 Oct, 2011


Not if you eat them Beattie, Mock capers. I use the entire plant as a salad crop. Plus in a basket you can see them and pick them off before they fall.

16 Oct, 2011


Ugh, I don't like nasturtiums to eat, too bitter - I bet you like rocket as well, Pimpernel, another salad leaf I can't stand...

16 Oct, 2011


I do bamboo, mixed with plenty of other leaves of course. Nasturtiums and Rocket are not as bitter as some of the Endives...They're the ones I am careful with.

17 Oct, 2011


Folks round here love the taste of very bitter salads, which I can't bear. I much prefer the peppery taste of rocket and nasturtium, but you MUST only pick the leaves while they are young and fresh and small, or they, too will be 'orrible! Nasturtium flowers are edible, too - again while young - and make a green salad look very pretty.

21 Oct, 2011

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