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Hi,Osteospermum stopped flowering since a month and leaves are drooping

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Osteospermum stopped flowering since a month and leaves are drooping.
Have tried watering on and off.
Fertilized with Osmocote in May and Sept.

Overall the leaves are greener, but some get yellowed over a period of time (a week or two).
Am I over watering? or does it need more water?


On plant Osteospermum

Dsc07681 Dsc07673 Dsc07678



Given that by and large they are annuals I would expect them to be dying now...

14 Oct, 2011


this one is Osteospermum : Spider Purple
[ photo link : ]

It has had 2 flowering cycles, in April when I bought the plant and in June. So is it done for the season?

and also I found a mushroom growing near the root crown. Is it a symptom of root fungus/root disease ?
What is the remedy?

14 Oct, 2011


Sorry can't help

14 Oct, 2011

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