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I have grown some beautiful greberas from seed, I have planted them in the garden. Have you any tips on how to winter them as I don't wat to lose them.
Christine Selby



There are Gerberas and Gerberas. The 'Everlast' ones are hardy in most areas of the UK, as are the new 'Garvinea' strain, although I think as yours are still babies, they will be vulnerable. Is it too late to pot them up again and keep them in a frost-free greenhouse until the spring? I don't think that even spreading fleece over them would protect them enough if we get early frosts.

Any other Gerberas don't stand a chance, I'm afraid. They are not hardy and will be killed by the frost. Many people use them as houseplants.

14 Oct, 2011


Perfect answer :-)

14 Oct, 2011


Thanks, Louise! :-)) x

14 Oct, 2011


Thanks for the info on the gerberas, they are perenialls and the flowers are 18ins to 24in tall. I have already potted some of them up and put them in the greenhouse. We have some old window glass that I can use to give the extra insulation. If I have to sow new seeds when is the best time to sow them to be successful?

15 Oct, 2011


In spring or early summer. Apparently, you need some heat to get them to germinate. You said you raised your plants from seed, so you managed it before! :-))

15 Oct, 2011

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