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By Jack29

Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I would like to plant a kilmarnock willow into a large container, is this possible and what is the best compost/ soil/ fertiliser to use, also when is the best time to pot



If it's a pot-grown plant, you can do it at any time. I'd say you'd need a very large pot - possibly a half-barrel?

Probably JI 2 or 3 would be the best option if it's going to stay there. I wouldn't feed it until the spring, and you might need to bubble-wrap the container in severe weather to protect the rootball.

14 Oct, 2011


Well, its possible - but not for long. You might get away with having it in a pot for a couple of years or 3, but inevitably it will start to suffer being so contained. Use John Innes No. 3 potting compost, or a Tree and Shrub mix.

14 Oct, 2011


thankyou very much

14 Oct, 2011

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