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What is this plant called?


By Piddy

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

We have this lovely flower in our garden, but no one seems to know what it is called. Can anyone help!




Hi, its a Pulsatilla (Ranunculaceae) also known as The Pasque Flower - I've got a lovely yellow one in my garden and each year it sticks its head up every spring with soft furry leaves and a bright little flower. I may be wrong but the alpine book I've got has a pic that says yours might be the P.rubra (maybe someone with a bit more knowledge can help)

6 Apr, 2008


I posted a picture of this last week - it is indeed Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Rubra'. It disappears in the winter and pops back up in time for easter each year - hence 'Pasque Flower'.

7 Apr, 2008


It's also a British native of chalkland soils. I struggle to grow it in my qacd conditions but have found a place where it is happy at last

7 Apr, 2008

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