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This is the worst year I can remember for whitefly, my allotment is infested with them. Even plants that normally don't get affected such as strawberries are covered. Nothing seems to affect them, chemicals or old remedies. I have taken to wearing a dust mask when picking the sprouts in case I breathe any in. Anyone else got this problem in other parts of the country? I'm in the midlands.



We don't seem to have a problem. Try the garlic spray that should keep them away, is totally organic and will not taint your crops.

13 Oct, 2011


I havent noticed them here at all, plenty of mildew though.

13 Oct, 2011


hi moon grower thanks for the advice i'll try anything but what is garlic spray?

fred the ted.

14 Oct, 2011


Well you can buy the concentrate in GCs or: Take one bulb of garlic whizz up in your food processor with enough water to turn it all to a liquid pulp. Whizz in some chillis if you wish. Strain the liquid and used diluted 1:10 as a spray. This is systemic treatment so stays in the plant for a long time. You will smell the garlic for a minute or so the never again... but the insects will smell and leave the plants alone.

14 Oct, 2011


thankyou moongrower I will definitely give that a go I've plenty of spare garlic and chillies.


15 Oct, 2011


Let me know how you get on f.t.t. - our local private GC nursery is selling at nearly £10 per bottle.

15 Oct, 2011

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