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Cordyline Winter damage-I've left it a bit late but my 3 12ft high Cordylines are still standing bare each with 3 -4 branches at top and all with re-growth right at the bottom(or suckers). Do I saw each branch off in the hope of new re-growth,chop right at the bottom or remove all the new growth.Loved the height as they made my garden into a tropical paradise!



I had one which fared the same it was a hard winter for that type of plant, when I put a bit of weight on the old trunk it broke off and now the young shoots are looking good. I hope they will grow well and replace the old plant. P

9 Oct, 2011


They're not suckers, they're growing off the roots of the original plant - the main trunk has died, and your plant is producing new growth at the base. The trunk should be sawn down, preferably at an angle to allow rain to run off, at the point where the new growth is occurring, without damaging it, of course. These plantlets will grow on eventually into trunks - if they're not killed off by a very hard winter again.

9 Oct, 2011

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