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Whilst on holiday in Guernsey recently, we saw many of these lilies growing in people's gardens. I asked in a florist what they were, and was told they were Nerine lilies aka 'The Guernsey Lily.' I've been looking on the net and I don't think they are. They look more like 'Amarcrinium memoria.'
What do you think? I'd love to grow them in my own garden.

On plant Nerine sarniensis




Yes I would agree Amarcrinum memoria, a cross between Amaryllis belladonna and Crinum moorei, not Nerines.

9 Oct, 2011


Thanks so much for your response. I thought I was right! Do you know if they are suitable to grow outdoors in the north of England? They looked so beautiful in all the gardens in Guernsey.

9 Oct, 2011


Should be they can take -12˚C but if in doubt grow in a container and put in your greenhouse in winter. Apparently the 'bulb' will get rather large.

9 Oct, 2011


That sounds good. It did get to -14 here last year. but it was a very harsh winter. But, I won't take any chances! Will place in containers in greenhouse over the winter when I manage to buy some. (Now I know exactly what they are!) Yes I can imagine the bulbs getting large if they are from the Amaryllis family.
Thanks again for all your information. Much appreciated.

10 Oct, 2011


You are welcome

10 Oct, 2011

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