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I have conifers all down one side of my garden. They are trimmed well and there really isnt much over-hanging the lawn. I am thinking about putting a border in to get rid of the unsightly dead grass. But the problem being the lawn slopes down on a slight bank and therefore all the moisture must run down to the rest of the lawn. I have thought about building the bank up a little so I can fertilise the soil better but I'm unsure of what plants to put in as the top end of the bank the soil is very dry. It does'nt help the whole area is in full sun for most of the day. Help!

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if the grass is dead then other plants will struggle to survive. You could improve the soil by digging in humus etc to help retain the moisture but I think you will find the conifer hedge will just be a lot perkier as a result.

7 Oct, 2011


Pelargoniums might survive there in the summer if you make the border wide enough and perhaps crocuses in spring. Other bulbs should flower in their first season but might not be much good after that - try it and see.I don't think a narrow border would be worth doing. Little annual Livingston daisies would be OK too but you would have to sow them every year.

9 Oct, 2011

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