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Hi, I have a 20 year old Larch tree, 30 ft tall, my neighbour complained about the tree, so I have just cut
the braches by 50%, the bottom branches now 4 ft, top
branches now 1 ft, the tree looks a mess, and wish I had
never cut it. will the branches revive next year? or have
I killed this beautiful tree ?
Many Thank's, John A Sutton.



I shouldn't think you've killed it, but obviously it'll take years to get any decent shape back. I think all you can do is to watch the new growth and keep it in as pleasing a shape as possible - clip any wayward branches symmetrically for example.

Otherwise, you'd have to decide if you can live with the mis-shapen Larch, and make a very difficult decision.

6 Oct, 2011


They are hardy trees that can grow in mountains but will normally give up on removed or damaged branches. You should have waited till all the pines have dropped off before pruning. 30ft sounds large for a garden, depends on size of garden.

6 Oct, 2011


I was being optimistic, by the sound of it. I do hope it survives, John.

6 Oct, 2011


I think that the branches may regrow pine leaves next year, but they will always remain the same pruned size, perhaps lateral twigs will grow longer given many years but it will always look pruned and unnatural (if they do not rot and go black).

The best thing is to wait till the tree loses all the pine leaves then make an attractive shape out of what is remaining - if that does not work then it will need to be removed.

Unless the branches were growing over and into the neighbours garden then I would not have pruned it at all.

6 Oct, 2011


Spritzhenry & Kildermorie, Many thank's for your time &
advice, I do hope you are right in that my Larch will come
back, in retrospect you are correct in that I should not have pruned the Larch, it was not overhanging my neighbours property, just another nasty neighbour !

My wife is just recovering from cancer, my action of cutting the Larch was just to keep the peace, the last thing my wife needs right now is a nasty neighbour.

Once again, thanks for your time & efforts.
Kind Regards, John . A . Sutton.

6 Oct, 2011


Will recover more often than not, larches are deciduous of course and will regenerate new growth from the most severely pruned branches, just give it time

9 Oct, 2011


That's nice to know. :-)

9 Oct, 2011



I have done a very bad thing. I think I may have killed a larch tree. I took the top off and cut from the top. Will this tree survive. Oops

21 Oct, 2014


Look what Bluespruce said, Terrimax - he is a real conifer expert, so there is still hope for your tree.

23 Oct, 2014


Thanks for all your comments & advise, I am happy to report that the 30 foot Larch has come back stronger than ever, it looks healthy, thick, and beautiful, and full of birds nesting, which also pleases me more.

23 Oct, 2014


That's lovely news - I'm pleased for you (and the birds!)

25 Oct, 2014

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