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By Caron

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone identify these two plants please. I have been told that the flowering plant is a weed, but I think I will be keeping it as the flowers are quite pretty.

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You have a Euphorbia - a spurge, which I think is a Caper spurge. an annual weed.

The pink flowered plant is a hardy Geranium. It's difficult to give you a precise name for it, but it's likely to be one of the Geranium x oxonianum family. They do spread, but they're useful as ground cover. They're not weeds, but can be a bit 'thuggish'.

5 Oct, 2011


Thanks for the reply. And would like to say what a great site this is, I have had plenty of replies & advice to previous questions. I decided to make my own compost as while doing my mums garden there is plenty to make it with and why put it all into the council compost bin. Looked on this site on how to do compost and then saved £9 for a compost bin thanks to advice in another post, a big saving! And I love the blogs. So thanks again for all advice, and as I said when I started asking questions there will be plenty more.

5 Oct, 2011


You're welcome, and yes, making your own compost is an excellent idea - I'd say essential! :-))

Keep asking - we'll try to help.

5 Oct, 2011


Though I wouldn't recommend it for the flower garden unless you can be sure all the weed seeds have been killed. Fine for the veggie patch though.

5 Oct, 2011


I use my home-made compost everywhere in the garden, MG. I back-fill planting holes with it and mulch with it as well. Yes, I occasionally get a few weeds, but it's a small price to pay for well-nourished soil.

5 Oct, 2011


Might be easier if you don't have rockery/alpine beds - would be a nightmare for us!

5 Oct, 2011


I have the caper spurge in my garden and strictly speaking it is a weed I suppose. They self seed with abandon but are easy enough to pull up. I usually leave one or two which develop into striking, very 'architectural' plants. The seeds do explode from the pod when ripe with a loud crack that resembles an air gun!

5 Oct, 2011


Elljay, I have decided to leave the caper as well, it is about 4' now but does look impressive even though it is a weed.

6 Oct, 2011

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