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Queensland, Australia Au

A friend of mine inquired whether tamerix tree can be purchased for the Australian gardener.

Obviously contact price guide in planting and so forth will be needed also.

So, what do we think?

I wait with bated breath and shovel to foot




Hi Deb and welcome to GoY. We are a gardening forum nothing is for sale on this part of the site. You can try clicking on the Garden centre button above but given that you live in Australia you really need to source your Tamarix Tree there.

4 Oct, 2011


Tamarix ramocissima, aphylla and parviflora are all listed as weeds in Australia - given that's the case, I suggest you google Tamarix and the varietal name your friend wants to find suppliers in Australia. If various species grow as weeds there, they must be available as varieties for purchase, surely? There are apparently about 20 forms of Tamarix which grow as weeds there, but they're all quite different from one another, so if they're available for purchase, you need to choose carefully by getting the whole name of the plant your friend wants absolutely accurate.

4 Oct, 2011


If they are listed as weeds by the Australian government, they are probably illegal to sell or plant, as they are here in Arizona.

4 Oct, 2011

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