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Help, what has happened to my Rowan ?

I am new to this group, so please bear with me.

Last year the leaves on my rowan tree started turning brown almost as soon as they appeared.

Bark started splitting and peeling.

This year there were no leaves, the bark continued to peel exposing brown wood .

I do not know how old this particular rowan is - there are four 'trunks', two of which are affected.

While there may be nothing that can be done to save the remaining 'good' trunks, I am intrigued to know what has caused the demise of this once splendid feature of the garden.

Any ideas anyone ?

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Unfortunately, it could be fireblight - remove all affected wood as soon as possible in hopes of stopping it killing the whole plant. Cut dead or dying stems 60cm into fresh healthy wood, rather than just removing actual dead parts.

2 Oct, 2011


Many thanks Bamboo, I didn't expect an answer so soon ! ... It looks as though I shall have to start some serious pruning...

As a point of interest, what causes fireblight? .

2 Oct, 2011


Its a bacterial infection that affects pome bearing plants in the Rosaceae family, which your tree belongs to. What usually happens is it enters through the flowers, which then wither and die, followed by die back of various branches, usually with this foxy red discoloration present under the bark. Other means of infection are possible though, through wounds the plant may have, small or otherwise. Possibly your tree was damaged by excessive cold in the winter before last, or there's been a minor cut or abrasion if it didn't enter through the flowers.
By the way, if it dies and you have it removed, you must not plant anything from the Rosaceae family in the same spot - it will succumb to fireblight very quickly.

2 Oct, 2011


A little late I know, I have only recently returned home from holiday.
Once again, very many thanks Bamboo.

14 Nov, 2011

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