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Last year I planted an apple tree at the bottom of my garden and this year plan to plant a cherry (probably Morello). Trees will get sunlight from late morning through to late evening. I want to train them both, has anyone any advice? And is there anywher that sells "structures" ready made to train the trees against?




Hi, you probably have to make your own trellises. Two posts so many meters apart ( don't know how much room you have, but enough to spread the trees sideways. It depends on what variety you have, what rootstock they have, so you will know how big it will grow. But the posts have to be fairly deep and on an angle, pointing outwards, they also should have a strut say halfway up to keep it in place. Start the wires where the tree start its branches. If the distance is great, have a post or maybe even two in between, these stand upright. Drill holes through the posts, at least the end ones to guide the wires through. Get good fencing wire, strong thick gauge. On the other posts you can use staples to fasten them. Careful when you tie the branches on, so you won't strangle them in their growth. Anything sharp and tight will cut into the branches when they grow thicker. As the tree grows you can add wires. I would say get posts at least 2 meters high. Train the trees so you can easily access them.
good luck.

7 Mar, 2009

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