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The cordyline in my back garden was badly damaged by the frost last winter, but we left it in the ground as there were plenty of green leaves left on it. It has subsequently died away, but has a number of young plants growing from the base of the trunk. Is it possible to transplant these young plants and if so how?



Only if they have some roots. Can't you cut the trunk back to the new growth and let it develop?

24 Sep, 2011


The trunck was well and truly dead and I really wanted the space back so dug it up. I have managed to split the young plants away from the trunk and have been careful to ensure that as much root as possible was removed with each plant. I have them in individual pots and, touch wood, they all appear to be doing fine at the moment. I'll update should the situation change.

2 Oct, 2011


Oh please do - I'm glad you were able to get some root off with them. :-))) I know it'll take ages to grow them back into a good size, but at least you managed it so far.

4 Oct, 2011

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