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Our Wisteria plant on a wall facing south west has developed yellow blotches with red speckles on otherwise healthy green leaves. There is another plant on the wall which has white flowers, I find it rather invasive could this be the problem?
Marion Elliott (Forty Hill, Enfield)



at this stage the wisteria may well just be getting ready for winter, with the leaf turning golden to fall off. there could be some insect damage from greenfly but at this time of the year I wouldnt worry.
as for the other plant do you know what it is? if not try adding a photo on here and see if we can identify it for you. It is very unlikely to be the problem though.

22 Sep, 2011


Check the stems and branches for scale insect, either black or brown bumps on the stems. Also check the graft at the base of the plant to make sure there's no obvious damage or rot there. If nothing, then wait to see how it does next Spring.

22 Sep, 2011

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