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By Alanh

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I am currently clearing away after the summer, and have removed plants from several hanging baskets and tubs. The remaining compost is full of bits of root, and I am wondering if it is OK to put all this in my composter? To remove all bits of root would be almost impossible.
Similarly my garden vegetable plot has lots of of old roots, should I try to remove everything or is it OK to leave it as it is.
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Yes, you can add the old compost in a layer in your compost bin, likewise the soil from the veggies - as long as there are no perennial weeds in it. Or you can leave the roots in the veggie patch and dig them in with some well-rotted manure or compost to prepare for next year's sowing.

21 Sep, 2011


Re the roots in the veggie patch, it depends what they're the roots of. If strong perennial weeds like nettles, docks, brambles, I'd advise getting out as much as possible and burn them or send to the council recycling.

21 Sep, 2011


Many thanks Beattie and Spritzhenry, greatly appreciated. I suppose it is best to use new, fresh compost every year in hanging baskets and tubs is it?
I'm a bit of a duffer on gardening matters I'm afraid ...recently retired so now have time to catch up.

22 Sep, 2011


Yes, definitely, the potting compost we buy only has about enough nutrients for 6 weeks in it, so the plants need feeding during the growing season. When you stop feeding them, the compost isn't much good for growing plants. I either use it as a soil conditioner, or spread it in layers in my compost bin.

22 Sep, 2011


Again...many thanks

23 Sep, 2011



23 Sep, 2011

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