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My Hedera canariensis plant is not helathy


By Soma

United States Us

I bought thispalnt couple weeks back and I feel that the plant is not looking helathy anymore. How often should I water the plant? Does overwatering /excess moisture kills the plant? I can see some leaves are becoming brown.

On plant Hedera canariensis



Please could you put a photo of the plant ?

4 Mar, 2009


Hywel it is a Hedera canariensis, a kind of ivy. Overwatering can kill a plant. Did you put it in the ground, plant it so to speak? I have had ivys growing against verandaposts and railings, never gave them any water. Guess in summer they got water from the sprinklers, when watering the lawns. Brown leaves usually indicate something is wrong, or it is shedding these leaves after they died because it is in stress due to its new location. It is wintertime or nearly spring there with you, don't know what your climate is, but usually there is enough moisture in the ground in spring so you wouldn't have to water it. Are you watering other plants at the moment as well? If not, your ivy doesn't need any either. Put your finger in the ground next to it and feel if it is wet or damp. If so, do not water it any more until the ground dries out. If it looses nearly all its leaves I'd cut it back and see if it will take off from there again. In this case nothing ventured nothing gained as it was stressed out. Good luck with it.

4 Mar, 2009

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