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I would like to grow a Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'. We have found a place in the garden - on the sunny side. Does anybody have any advice on these beautiful shrubs?
Thank you.



Needs fertile, well drained soil, dislikes wet, poorly drained conditions, sun or half sun/shade, dislikes root disturbance so don't dig around the base after its planted, and ensure your planting position is right - you won't be able to move it again if its not. Also dislikes inorganic fertilisers.

19 Sep, 2011


These trees also have quite brittle branches so don't plant it in an exposed position

19 Sep, 2011


Thank you Bamboo and Andrewr - all comments taken on board. Not such an easy shrub afterall.

19 Sep, 2011


If the soil is alkaline, use plenty of compost, too.

19 Sep, 2011


Hopefully the last negative Avril...The flowers can get caught out by a late frost. It is a beautiful shrub, send us all the pictures.

20 Sep, 2011


I have this as a small tree in a large pot. it is beautiful. I am thinking of popping mine into a border and then use the pot for other things.

22 Sep, 2011


Thanks Pimpernel and Seaburngirl. I will try and find this shrub in the springtime here in Brussels and let's see if it will grow in my garden. Inshallah !

23 Sep, 2011

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