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I have a apple (Lord Derby)trained as an espallier and this year fruited well , but lost a lot of the apples due to a mottling on the skin .
When cut open the inside had a glassey affect !




Ah....I wonder if this was the problem Member Gattina was asking about yesterday, it fits her description ?

19 Sep, 2011


Yes pimpernel it does sound very similar. I think they where located in france. I am not sure if they have recieved a reply, will have a look.

19 Sep, 2011


Yes, it's exactly the same problem we've had. Still no ideas, anyone?

19 Sep, 2011


Gattina's apples only had the transparent on the inside problem, she didn't mention any brown spots or any other symptoms, guys.

Unfortunately, the picture you've posted here is out of focus, and I can't see the brown spots clearly. I'm not at all sure about that funny transparent look to the fruits, but brown spotting on the skin could be Apple Bitter Pit - usually, the fruits taste quite bitter too if its that. Apple Scab is another infection which causes brown marks on the skin.

And blow me down, I've just found out what the glassy look of the interior of the fruit is - it's called Apple Water Core - caused by inhospitable growing and cultural conditions, such as excessive pruning and thinning, high temperature, high light intensity and extensive damage or removal of bark on the trunk or branches. I'm off to find Gattina's question...

19 Sep, 2011


Whoosh! there she goes.........Glad it is solved.

I have just read up on it as well Bamboo and noted it affects Pears and Quince as well.

19 Sep, 2011


There's always more to learn, isn't there...

19 Sep, 2011


Oh thank you, Bamboo! Well, our apple trees certainly get more than their fair share of high temperatures and sunlight, so that's the answer - maybe the improvement in their condition in their second year of fruiting was because the trees were better established and the climate didn't come as quite such a shock. We're lucky, I think, neither my quince tree nor my pear trees seem to have been affected. Maybe my Cornish Gilliflower apple tree will come to terms with sunbathing by next year.

20 Sep, 2011


Thanks very much Bamboo and everyone else for helping me to sort out this problem , I will put it down to high temp at the beginning of the season and hope for better luck next year !!!

20 Sep, 2011


The brown marks, though, are not part of the same condition - you may need to treat the tree in some way depending on the cause of those.

21 Sep, 2011


Yes you are right am going to look into a Winter Wash for it see if that helps !! Thanks again !

23 Sep, 2011

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