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agapanthus and allium seeds - following the gales we had last week, i came across some agapanthus and allium seed heads which had fallen from the plant. they are not ripe, but the seed head is in tact and i wondered whether the seed would be viable once the head drys out, or if the seed would need to have ripened naturally on the plant? thanks



you can collect the seed and grow on in trays, but you won't have bulbs big enough to flower for at least 7 years.

17 Sep, 2011


It depends on just how close to ripe the pods were. Just a few days early, and there should be no problem. A week or two early, and less than 50% of the seeds will be viable. A month early, and it would take a miracle. : )

18 Sep, 2011


thanks both of you

30 Sep, 2011

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