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About three months ago I bought a beautiful kind of bonsai willow called Patio Salix 'lona', which lives in my living room beside the window with sunlight during the second half of the day. It has been looking nice and happy during the whole summer, but about a week ago we went out and could not water it for about 5 days. When we came back, the leaves were hanging, so I put enough water. But after that, it seems to be dying as the leaves turn dark brown and they just dry.
Now, half of the tree is naked and the other half still have leaves and I can see some new green spots on the branches (which give me hope).
It is also the beginning of the autumn, maybe is part of the season... maybe I put too much water after I came back home, maybe it needs a bigger plant pot, or maybe my lovely tree is dying?? :-/
I would like to know how to take good care of it.
Can you help me?
Here I attach a photo of my tree when it was looking beautiful and happy.

Regards and thank you!

On plant Patio Salix 'lona'




It needs to be outside, It will die indoors.

15 Sep, 2011


Assuming the tree lives you should put it outside as the conditions indoors will be unsuitable .I assume the salix or willow you have is a small variety and would probably be ok in a pot on the patio as the name suggests.

15 Sep, 2011


S. Iona is not a bonsai as its name suggests it is for the patio not your house. You need to get it outside and in the ground or a large container... If the later you will need a lot of protection over winter.

15 Sep, 2011


Thank you everyone! :-) I'll buy it a larger container and put it outside at once! Autumn has arrived and it is so cold outside, already 0 degrees last night. I hope it will survive!

Would it loose all the leaves during the winter? Such as the rest of the trees.
The soil will be frozen during the winter. I suppose it will not need to be watered????

16 Sep, 2011


It will lose all its leaves in winter and will not need watering. It may well need protecting from the cold though in a container. In fact thinking about it the tree is wrongly names Salix repens iona is a prostrate for of Salix whilst yours is a weeping form.

16 Sep, 2011


Can we come up with a good House plant for Diana For that spot ? I am useless with house plants :0)

16 Sep, 2011


Thank you again for your very much valuable advice :-) Last night I left my little tree outside, and today the leaves were looking a little bit darker green than pale green as it had turned to the last days indoors.
Today I went to the plant shop where I bought it, and spoke to a lady who works there. She said I should put it outside during the day, but take it back inside at nights so it wouldn't freeze... :-/ I will just leave it outside as I already replanted it to a little larger container which is thick and heavy. And I placed it beside the stairs out to the terrace. It is sheltered there, I think that could be a good spot to avoid too much snow during the winter :-)
About the empty spot inside the house now... I would like to find a nice short tree, not exactly bonsai :-)

17 Sep, 2011


I think a Desert Rose plant "Adenium Obesum" would look fantastic there, it also has nice flowers as the name suggests.

But it is toxic so you would have to explain that to your little girl.

18 Sep, 2011

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