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Prepair my garden for next year



I'm not sure what your question is, but at some point between the perennial plants finishing and spring, you'll need to cut them back. That depends on which plants they are, as some, e.g. Penstemons, need the top growth on as a protection against severe weather. You might also like to leave some seedheads as they're attractive and the birds benefit.

It's also good to mulch the soil - best in early spring before the growth appears. if you have any tender-ish plants, then prepare to get them safely through the winter, by mulching round their roots and getting fleece ready to wrap round them on frosty nights - or taking them in under glass.

If you're asking about planting new plants or shrubs, then now is a very good time, and it's also time to plant spring bulbs and remove any annual bedding plants and plant up the containers for some autumn/winter colour.

15 Sep, 2011

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