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Hi , hope someone can help !
I have a 15 ft cherry tree in my garden , the cherrys are a dark red but have 4 pits inside . I have tasted one and it was a little sour , are these cherrys ok to eat ? and what variety are they ?
Thanks Stuart



It could be a jam one like I have a photo would be good.

13 Sep, 2011


All of them have 4 pits, or just the one you tasted, Stuart? If the former, it might not be a cherry! Maybe it's a crabapple. Pictures would help, if possible.

14 Sep, 2011


I agree with Tugbrehil. A cherry will usually have one single stone (pit) in the fruit. A crab apple will have many pips. Most cherries will have fruited by now but crabapples (Mallus) will be fruiting at present.

14 Sep, 2011


Thank you sixpence, tugbrethil and jimmytheons , I have taken some pictures and will upload them tomorrow .

again many thanks


14 Sep, 2011

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