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Monkey Tree

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone, i have just bought a baby Monkey Puzzle tree, only 4 inches tall!, at the moment i have it on a non-sunny windowsill indoors, is this best or should it be outdoors? When is the best time to repot it and when should it go outdoors? Any advice is gratefully received. Thank you for your replies, i am planning on keeping it in a pot, no room in my garden to replant.



Hope you've got room in your garden for a 60 ft + tree. They grow to a huge size but that will probably be well after your time. I should nurture it over winter, somewhere sheltered but outside and plant it in its permanent place in the spring.

11 Sep, 2011


It is not when they are HUGE they are a problem. It is all those years that the branches are low down that they take up space, and those spines !

11 Sep, 2011


I think they're beautiful, but oh how I curse the damn thing - one of my clients has one and I had to decant it from its pot at 4 feet high (and wide) and plant it, what a @!$%* (think anglo saxon) b...r it was too, wounded me in various places. And still does whenever I weed round it...
Reckon it might be a bit vulnerable as its so small, so yes, grow it on a bit and harden off in spring/summer before leaving it outside all the time next year.

11 Sep, 2011

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