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By Joeyg

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

i have a blue senetti and want to know how to keep it til next year?. any help would be appreciated.



I always thought they were just annuals but i've just googled and i see that they're classed as perennials - amazing !
I wouldn't have thought they're hardy though so i would lift them, pot them up, and store them in a cool place through the winter - a shed windowsill perhaps.

11 Sep, 2011


Perennial is VERY optimistic!
We kept one going in the conservatory once, but it got leggy and flowered poorly the following year. I got one to strike from a cutting, but it needed bottom heat. No other method worked.
If I'm being honest - buy a new one next year.........

11 Sep, 2011


I would agree.

Annuals are not something i spend money on though, so i always stick to perennials.

11 Sep, 2011


Sue likes the Senetti, so I've tried to keep them going. As I say, a lot of effort. She didn't bother this year.

11 Sep, 2011

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