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Hello,I am seeking advice on growing Chinese witch hazel(Loropetalum'Firedance').What is the best compost to use and any other growing advice would be appreciated.The advert we bought it from claim it is hardy to -5C,is this true?.Thank you,regards Clive Andrews.



Hardy to -5˚C is my understanding from what I have read... No special compost requirements.

10 Sep, 2011


The last two winters have turned the hardiness figures up-side-down. I would suggest that because Loropetalum 'Firedance' is evergreen, its purple leaves easily attacked by frost, you either grow it in a pot so you can move it into a sheltered position during the winter or plant in a sheltered spot in your garden.

11 Sep, 2011


Jimmy this one is hardy to -5˚C the weather is changing but not the hardiness figures! In Surrey I would suggest it would be better in the ground if possible to give the cool root run it, like clematis, needs. Plant with a south to southwest aspect in good humus rich soil and much each year.

11 Sep, 2011


My meaning was the fact that the last two winters were not just cold, but for a long time. We have seen the major garden centres guarantee shrubs for five years but they will no longer give all hardy plants their guarantee.

11 Sep, 2011


In that sense the tree is better off in the ground than in a container which can freeze solid if not protected. I've never known a GC guarantee any of their trees and shrubs.

11 Sep, 2011


Thanks to you both for your advice.

11 Sep, 2011


Good luck Northside, hope you can keep alive!

11 Sep, 2011


Moon grower, for many years, many members of the Garden Centre Association have guaranteed their trees and hardy plants for two years. But this year members have increased this to five years.

16 Sep, 2011

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