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Over the last two winters - I've lost one Dicksonia and the other struggled which is not surprising as snow sat on the fronds for many days! And this was South of England! Any ideas how I can protect them - preferably without cutting off fronds. Last year I filled tops with straw and stuck a piece of fleece on top which obviously helped but you may know a better method!



The fronds usually die off and disappear in the winter anyway - usual method for protection is to pack the top with straw, as you did, fold the existing fronds over and secure them and then fleece the whole thing.

10 Sep, 2011


Bamboo's right, only i tie the fronds up and stuff the crown with fleece, and then a fleece bag for the trunk, Mine are in pots and go into the unheated greenhouse tho, if yours are in the borders i would give them extra extra protection this winter..

10 Sep, 2011

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